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Trips in Greece | Arachova Village

  • Trip to Arachova Village, Parnassus Mountain, Viotia Area.

The Arachova is a mountain village located at the foot of Mount Parnassus in altitude of ongs to the prefecture of Viotia and is about away 160 km from Athens. Beautiful stone houses and narrow streets around water sources is the first images visitors see. Arachova, despite the high level of tourism development has retained its traditional character, while offering the amenities and activities, which the visitors are seeking.


If you visit Arachova during Easter you will be given the opportunity to experience e «Panigyraki», a three-day, double celebration for polioucho city of St. George and the Battle of Arachova (November 1826). The village of Arachova combines grandeur with wild scenery, breathtaking views, healthy climate, peculiar architectural homes, nightlife and winter sports. It is a winter destination that offers visitors adventure, variety, and yet calm and relaxation for those who wish!


  • Distance: 173 Km from Athens
  • Estimated time: 2 hours & 20 min.

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